Tax, accounting and consulting services at Marla Belitz Johnson, CPA, PC

Tax Services:

• Individual, Corporate, Partnership and Fiduciary
• Payroll Tax
• Sales Tax
• Tax planning and projection

Most people do not know the tax code, tax forms, and all the credits and deductions available.  You have more important things to do with your life!  It is stressful and time consuming to do your taxes on your own.  We give you peace of mind and more money in your pocket by doing it right.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services:

• Complete Bookkeeping 
• Payroll

As a business owner, you have a passion for what you do and you are really good at it!  Accounting takes you away from the work you enjoy and adds time and stress to your day.  What if you do it wrong, or get audited, and have to pay huge fines and penalties?  What if you miss deadlines?   We make the accounting part easy so that you can focus on what you do best!

People rarely save money on “do it yourself” accounting.  It almost always takes you away from your profitable activities and costs you more in time and stress. Invest to have it done right—just like people invest in you in your area of expertise! We make bookkeeping affordable and save you time, headaches, and money for the long haul.

We customize our services to fit your needs!

Financial Coaching and Consulting

Comprehensive Coaching

  1. Comprehensive Financial Plan
  2. Estate Plan

Financial Project (Coaching in specific areas)

  1. Cash Flow Coaching (Budget Builder)
  2. Savings Plan Coaching (Retirement, College, etc.)
  3. Generosity Coaching (High impact, Tax Efficient)

 Financial Check-ups

  1. Life Change (Birth of child, marriage, retirement phase, etc.)
  2. Vocation Change  (New benefits, change in cash flow, change in schedule and lifestyle, etc.)
  3. Risk Management and Insurance Plan check-up
  4. Employee Benefits check-up

Miscellaneous Financial Consulting 

Any financial or tax related questions that do not fit the items offered above.

Many people do not know where all their money goes.  It leads to stress and struggle to achieve goals and pay bills.  I work with people to clarify their core values and assign dollars to their highest priorities.  This process saves money, reduces stress, and leads to a more fulfilling life.

Small savings through budgeting, efficient insurance and investment plans, and tax efficient decisions have a compounding effect in your favor.  Saving even $1000 per year makes a huge difference over time. That money invested each year for 30 years with minimal fees in tax advantaged accounts leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime.  That is what our financial coaching provides.  Our goal is to build a plan that leads to daily fulfillment, peace of mind, and more money working to meet your needs and goals.

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