Driver’s License Required for Identity Security


New requirement this year for your identity protection:

We will take copies of your Driver’s License. 


The National Security Summit sponsored by the IRS, state taxing authorities, the tax software industry, and other stakeholders recommended last year using driver’s licenses and state IDs as an additional factor in authenticating taxpayers’ identity to deter fraudulent electronically filed returns. 

 This is not a firm requirement for this tax year.  However, it may become a requirement next year by the state, IRS, or both.  This year, our tax software requires us to either key in your license number, or check a box saying that you refused to share the ID information.  Keying in your Driver’s license number adds an extra layer of protection to prevent fraudulent returns filed under your name.  Since it is ultimately for your benefit and protection, we highly recommend allowing us to copy your Driver’s License to keep on file.

We adhere to strict procedures to keep your personal information safe and secure.  Thank you for your help in this endeavor.


The tax preparation team at Marla Belitz Johnson CPA, PC

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